Press Release

9Ten Solutions Gathers To Clean Beach

The 9Ten Solutions team met up in Wrightsville Beach Wednesday morning to pick up trash and help contribute to keeping our community clean!

Members of the 9Ten Team met at Johnnie Mercer’s Pier for an early start and collected trash found of the beach in previously recycled bags.

“It’s really really easy to take care of it. If you clean as you go there doesn’t have to be big beach sweeps," said CEO Darron Monroe. “It’s extremely important especially now when in the news and social media we see a lot more of our animals being affected by a beach full of plastic. If we don’t start reducing waste and plastics were going to be suffering the consequences.”

This is something that 9Ten Solutions plans to implement as a team building activity.

For more on their community contributions or to see what 9Ten Solutions is up to next, follow them on their social media accounts!